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Reusable Classroom Kits

Each Reusable Classroom kit contains all the materials and directions needed for a class of up to 25 students to experience 3 STEAM activities at their own desk or in small groups.  Materials can be cleaned between uses, and are rented by the week.  Materials can be used by multiple classrooms in the same building during their rental period.  Materials must be returned to Kids Discovery Factory when the rental is complete. Online Instructional Videos are available to facility the Kids Discovery Factory selected activities.  

Magnet Exploration

Pre K- 2   25 Kits

  • Magnet Maze
  • Bumper Cars
  • Swing Set

Force & Motion

Pre K-2  25 Kits

  • Friction Race

  • Make It Move

  • Wrecking Ball


3-6+  25 Kits

  • Simple Circuits

  • Turn on the Fan

  • How Much Power?

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