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Our Mission:

Inspiring young learners to innovate and
create through exploration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM).

Educational Philosophy:

Kids Discovery Factory believes in the value of experiential learning. Through STEAM based educational play, children discover creativity, resilience, self-regulation, communication and collaboration. These valuable skills are shaped through informal, child-driven exploration.


About Us:

Kids Discovery Factory is making a huge impact throughout southeastern Indiana with our annual STEAM Enrichment Day Camp held each July and our engaging mobile exhibit program, Kids Discovery Mobile Factory.

Because of our unique programming and the innovative ways we engage children in the learning process, Kids Discovery Factory has become an integral community and educational asset, igniting children’s discovery of their world through immersive play and learning experiences.

Our Vision for the Future:

Kids Discovery Factory’s permanent location will be a vibrant STEAM discovery center located in downtown Batesville at 110 Sycamore St. Engaging exhibits and programs will inspire families and school groups throughout southeastern Indiana to explore, create and innovate.

We will equip our youngest generation with the skills they need to build confidence, explore new concepts, develop their passions, drive their own futures, and excel in the jobs of tomorrow. Kids Discovery Factory will enable young visitors to create using real tools, discover the process of invention, experience each step of the manufacturing process in our kid-sized Factory, and more.

The future discovery center will be a truly unique destination. Incredible exhibit galleries, an Innovation Hub, and two-story interactive STEAM climber will inspire kids ages birth to 14 years old.


Kids Discovery Factory is a 501(c)-3 non-profit organization.

Amazing Air Exhibit Rendering
Water Exhibit Rendering

Exhibit Drawings and Designs by MindSplash and KidZibits.

First Draft Rendering of the future museum building

Conceptual Building Design, February 2021

Architecture by Jim Dunbar

Museum Illustration by Context Design

“A majority of the practicing scientists interviewed in a 1992 study, reported that the museum and library were the two greatest influences on their childhood learning: It was a process of generating questions about objects and exhibits at the museum and then going to the library to try to find more detailed answers for them.” page 87. Study: Sterling, in Lewin 1992.

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