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2022 Fastest Kids in Town!

Fastest Kid in Town Winners: Liam Wagner (left) and Briella Maple (right)

Winners of the individual age groups who participated in the final race. See below for the full list of race winners.

On September 17th Kids Discovery Factory hosted The Fastest Kid in Town Race as part of downtown Batesville's Mainopoly event. Since 2017, the race has brought together kids of all ages to compete for the title of Fastest Kid in Town. Over the years, many organizations have sponsored and organized the race, but this year was the first time KDF hosted the event. Over 100 kids participated, racing against kids of their own age, 150 yards down South Street. Winners of each age group competed in the final race for the title of Fastest Kid in Town. Congratulations to the winners of the individual races:

3-year-old winners: Lee Werner (boys) and Payton Kramer (girls)

4-year-old winners: Collin Hildebrand (boys) and Cora Enzinger (girls)

5-year-old winners: Ryan McFall (boys) and Nora Gesell (girls)

6-year-old winners: Luka Schuerman (boys) and Eleanor Garrett (girls)

7-year-old winners: Henry Messerschmidt (boys) and Ellyse Gesell (girls)

8-year-old winners: Joseph Henkle (boys) and Josephine Prickel (girls)

9-year-old winners: Colton Cox (boys) and Charlotte Kendall (girls)

10-year-old winners: Paul Fullenkamp (boys) and Brielle Maple (girls)

11-year-old winners: Bryson Gurley (boys) and Harper Wagner (girls)

12-year-old winners: Liam Wagner (boys) and Bella Watson (girls)

13-year-old winners: Kyle Jewell (boys) and Alexis Robinson (girls)

And the 2022 Fastest Kids in Town are Liam Wagner (12) and Briella Maple (10)!

Thank you to all who participated in the event as a racer or a volunteer!

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